Mailchimp: Build Rapport With YOUR Audience!

Mailchimp: Build Rapport With YOUR Audience!

Let’s face it: we live in a world where “online business” and “personal touch” are words that might as well be in different dictionaries due to their difference.

That is, of course, until the innovation of Mailchimp!

Based out of Atlanta, Mailchimp is an innovative software that saves any business owner hundreds of hours of time and effort. We believe this amazing software is the bridge between mediocrity in a business marketing plan and taking that next step towards financial freedom and dream succession.

Mailchimp takes all the guesswork out of generating leads, following up on leads, turning leads into prospects, and finally turning prospects into recurring customers that fall in love with your top quality products. Essentially, Mailchimp automates extremely targeted, customizable messages to the names of all of your potential leads, giving these leads the personal feeling of an organization that cares deeply about their intentions and desires.

No one feels comfortable being the new guy, and that doesn’t change when you are the “new customer”. To break the ice, Karen and I deeply believe that a personalized message from Mailchimp can help reel in those shy ones that see innovation but are scared of the jump to a purchase. Think of Mailchimp as your “Virtual Welcome Mat” that tells your customers that you are here to help and your product is going to change their life for the better. This approach to new customers creates what we like to call the “mouth of the inescapable funnel.” We’ll get back to the body of that sales funnel in a minute.

Ads can do one of two things for your business: attract customers or deter them. We have never seen an ad that was run that didn’t affect the organization in some way, shape, or form. How it affects your potential clients is heavily dependent upon the attractiveness of your ads. To form the sales funnel, we believe potential clients need to know where to start, and that start (or end in the case of the ineffective salespersons) is all in the beauty of your marketing approach to advertisements. Within minutes, Mailchimp can generate easy to design ads that can be run after careful consideration from your team in a matter of minutes! Remember: if you want them to arrive at the sale, advertisement has to run smoothly. No one lets you create targeted advertisement faster and easier than Mailchimp.

Back to the inescapable funnel. Have you ever noticed that your customers are putting your fantastic products in their cart, stacking potential sales two, three, four times a visit, only to have them stall out and abandon a full cart at checkout, leaving your pockets empty? Mailchimp, once again, is retaining your distant family by reminding them of all of the awesome deals, savings, and products they are leaving behind in their cart. Mailchimp will even remind them where they were in the checkout procedure to get them back on track. This keeps your sales funnel suction point strong and intact.

Let’s consider the inevitable for a second. There are always going to be those who are the “yellow-light” leads. These are the potential customers that can sense the sales funnel aspect of the sale and are just as likely to decline a sale as to act upon it. Mailchimp offers what we call “a call to action” or “onboarding” movement. These movements are crucial as they remind the customer that they aren’t just a sale, they are a commitment and the lifeblood of business. Anything can be sent by these messages, from reminders and discounts to birthday messages and appreciation emails. Customers will see past the dollar sign at this point, giving you the opportunity to show them your heart and passion for the products that you sell.
From the construction of brand recognition to automated marketing and advertising to personalized messages to all of your contacts, Mailchimp is a crucial investment that every business should consider. Not only will Mailchimp create the “Mouth of the Inescapable Sales Funnel”, but it will drive customers to keep coming back for the personalized feel of your business, making you the most reputable choice that any potential lead could possibly choose! Mailchimp is an investment in a future wide open with lead to sale conversions and happy customers. Mailchimp is the obvious move towards a business with a future.

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