Make a Manager Account for Google Ads, Now — Here’s Why and How

Make a Manager Account for Google Ads, Now — Here’s Why and How

What is a Manager Account?

A manager account, previously called an MCC (My Client Center), is a type of Google Ads umbrella account. It’s used by anyone managing multiple client accounts–normally, that’s advertisers or agencies.

How To Create a Manager Account

    Some Benefits Of Using A Manager Account

    You’ll find many other benefits to keeping all your accounts under one login, but here are a few basic ones.

    First, the obvious: It keeps you as an accounts manager organized, and keeps the agency as a whole organized as well.

    The client “owns” their individual account, but the agency has full ability to manage and pull reporting from each account.

    A client can also easily give you access if they switch over to you from a different agency. This way, you have access to their history and don’t have to start from zero. A client will benefit from having a longer-running account, even if they’ve switched agencies.

    Recently, a potential partner asked us to provide stats and results for several of our clients within the industry that he serviced. With a manager account, you can measure trends across clients within a single industry and report on them easily.


    • You can’t turn an existing Google Ads account into a manager account–you’ll have to create a new one.
    • The time zone you choose can’t be changed, so think twice before you set it up at the beginning.
    • Clients will be billed in the currency you select for them.

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