Bluehost & Why We Use It

Bluehost & Why We Use It

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Bluehost appears as one of the web hosting companies when you perform a search on how to start a blog. It’s one of the most popular hosting servers, with over 2 million hosted websites. Plus, WordPress recommends Bluehost as their go-to server when starting your very own website.

How To Bluehost?

This question comes up frequently when we talk to people about our blog. In our experience, Bluehost has done a wonderful job within the most important factors (which we’ll talk about later) that make up a successful website. Why do we use Bluehost instead of the other web hosting services available? Take a look at their strengths below.

What Makes Bluehost Stand Out?

“Official Recommended Host By”

You know that you have a good web server in your hands when one of the biggest blogging platforms recommends Bluehost as their go-to host.

In case you didn’t know, WordPress has a list of minimum requirements for starting a blog. We had a difficult time sorting out the hundreds of compatible hosting options available, but we came across Bluehost and decided to give it a try. Bluehost was touted as the ultimate WordPress platform, which was made specifically for hosting WordPress sites. The 1-click installation, free FTP, email and domain name, WordPress-centric dashboard, and a host of available tools were all built with WordPress in mind.

Quick Loading

We were impressed by how quickly our blog and content loaded when we did a test run. Granted, content is a bit sparse at the moment, but it loaded everything up in less than a second. Loading speed is such an important part of user experience, and we didn’t want to fail in that aspect.

Our chosen blog theme, the design, and pictures all appeared as it should. When we added content to the blog, the speed never slowed down. I tried going to and fro, refreshing the pages and link-hopping in an effort to stress Bluehost’s servers, but the speed remained constant from start to finish. Needless to say, we were impressed with how the hosting performed flawlessly even during peak hours.

99.98 Percent Uptime

It’s .02 percent from having a full, 100% uptime rate. What more could you ask for? This makes Bluehost one of the top 5 servers to boast such a reliable uptime. We simply had to go with Bluehost when we set up our blog.

Uptime is an important element when creating a blog or a website, because you’ll want your website to be available every time a visitor types in your blog address. A “Page Not Available” is something that we or our readers don’t ever want to see when we visit the blog. It ruins the whole experience, and discourages the visitor from wanting to continue or try again. In our opinion, having such a high uptime percentage makes Bluehost a great starting point for starting a blog.

Excellent Security

Our blog had to be protected from cyber attacks that could steal information and other things, so we wanted our hosting server to have widespread security features.

Bluehost has spam prevention tools such as the Spam Hammer, the Spam Experts, and the Spam Assassin. We were worried about DDOS attacks, but then we saw how the CloudFlare feature could stop the attack in its tracks. Content that we upload is automatically protected from plagiarism via the hot link protection, SSH access and IP address blacklists. We like how we don’t have to worry about our articles and images being stolen because Bluehost has these excellent security features.

BlueHost Costs

Bluehost offers web hosting services starting at just $2.95 per month. This includes the free domain, 24/7 support, and a 1-click WordPress install if you’re keen on using WordPress as your blog platform.

You can choose from 3 shared hosting options. The $2.95 is a promotional deal that locks you in for 36 months with Bluehost. If you’re set on creating a blog and seeing it through for the foreseeable future, then the $2.95 monthly plan is a good deal.

Just some of the notable differences we found among the 3 Bluehost hosting plans:

– The Basic plan gives you one website, unlimited bandwidth, and 50GB of storage space. You also get 5 free email addresses.

– The Plus plan ($5.45 per month) gives you up to 10 websites, unlimited bandwidth and 150GB of storage space. You get 100 free email addresses.

– The Prime plan is a promotional deal of $5.45 per month, and this gives you unlimited website creation, email addresses, storage space, and bandwidth.

– The Go Pro plan is $13.95 per month. It gives you everything that the Prime plan offers. You also get a high performance server and added features such as a Site Backup Pro, Domain Privacy, SSL Certificates, and a Dedicated IP.

How To Get Started With Bluehost Web Hosting

It’s easy and everything can be set up in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how:

  • Step 1. Visit the Bluehost website at
  • Step 2. Click on the green link that says, “Get Started Now”.
  • Step 3. Choose the Bluehost web hosting plan that best suits your needs. If you’re simply creating a starter blog, then it would be a good idea to go with the Basic. However, if you want to start strong and create a few websites, then you can upgrade to the Plus, the Prime or even the Go Pro. The advantage here is that you won’t have to switch plans midway and pay more if/when your website becomes a success.
  • Step 4. If you’re starting a new website, then you will want to enter a new domain name. If you have an existing domain and want to import it into the Bluehost servers, then you can type the existing domain name on the right part of the page.
  • Step 5. Sign up and complete the billing information. Type in your username and password on the Bluehost control panel to get into your website.
  • Step 6. Now it’s time to design and fill your blog with design and content. That’s it! You now have a website that’s powered by Bluehost.

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