Who we are?

We are a couple of professionals who have dedicated our careers to working on shaping businesses from beginning to end (locally and in the Hispanic market), focusing on finding easy solutions to difficult problems.

We understand the struggle of starting a company from scratch with limited resources, but still needing the tools like any established business. In the end, the success of the company does not depend only on the product, but also on how well the service is provided and the steps that are needed to achieve good service.

Our experience with businesses has allowed us to become experts in the Sales Funnel for various industries, knowledge we want to share with you and any SMB out there.

JC Hite

I enjoy traveling and getting to know different cultures. Since a young age I’ve enjoyed business, especially what it can do for people as a whole. I’ve always been intrigued by great companies and how they are able to achieve a good service, even through intricate processes. This interest made me want to learn everything, from beginning to end, as I began working in banks and other businesses.

After several years in business, I’ve been able to open businesses locally and internationally, as well as gain experience while working for different industries. I’ve specialized in areas such as Service, Operations, and overall Sales Funnel.

Karen Lacayo

After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, my initial desire was to enter the business world and develop my creative side through architectural projects. Little did I know, I was going to do this in a very different way than I initially thought.

After being involved with tools and platforms throughout college and developing a sense for order and processes, I found out this was also a strength I could put to use in my first job.

Since then, I’ve focused my career and personal development into working with businesses to help them develop their internal processes and implement them through different platforms. I’m now certified in different CRMs and help businesses through picking the best solution for their needs.

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day from our team! ❤️ May your day be extra sweet!
  • We had a lot of fun @10xgrowthconference this year! Super stoked to hear from some awesome leaders such as @thesharkdaymond @johncmaxwell and many more with some of our team from #nicaragua.

Some awesome quick points we learned! 
1. You can never get better doing the same thing over and over.

2. When your brain is telling you to stop, you’re typically at only 40% of your potential. - A Navy Seal

3. Kaa + Nrh + Psb + Isb + Paa = unstoppable growth from @tailopez 
4. The though... Who loses if I don’t win?” If you were at the conference, I’d love to know what you did! 
#10xgrowthcon #10x #10x10challenge #10xrule
  • Hanging out at #10xgrowthcon getting pumped up about 2019 and all the opportunities to grow, scale and serve!
  • Happy New Year! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019!
  • 2019.. The Hites are ready! #newyearnewgoals #2019 #goalsetter #workhard
  • My face of excitement waiting to see what 2019 has in store for The Hites!  #2019 #goalsetter
  • Merry Christmas to you all! 🎁
  • Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing we could go back to Corn Island! Had an amazing weekend with the family and the team! #HiteTrip2018 #cornisland #travel #family
  • Don’t you wish weekends were longer? We sure could have used an extra day or 5 more 😉
  • Bye bye Corn Island ❤️
  • What an amazing thing to wake up to this beauty! Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday! 🐠🌞

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